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October 2017 Archives

Be sure you understand the full ramifications of guardianship

Guardianship can be incredibly beneficial for someone who is aging and needs help with critical components of his or her life. Aging has a different impact on everyone, and it can come with both physical and cognitive drawbacks. The guardian helps the person -- called a ward in Texas -- live a healthy, happy life despite these potential issues.

Estate planning for parents of children with special needs

While there's an expectation that your child will eventually grow up and be self-sustaining, this isn't necessarily the case if you have a child with special needs. If you do, then most likely your obligation to care for them is long term, which includes devising an estate plan that can ensure they're cared for once you, yourself, have passed.

Personnel in the armed services require help with investments

Not many people realize it, but armed forces personnel need help with their finances just as much as everyone else in the country. The military family of the country needs help from financial advisers and attorneys that have experience with VA pension benefits in order to make their lives a little bit easier.

Do most people over the age of 65 require long-term care?

Long-term care can be costly and expensive. If a Texas resident doesn't plan his or her estate the right way, the costs associated with long-term care could quickly deplete the individual's savings, and leave nothing for his or her heirs. However, if you plan for long-term care the right way by setting up a trust or potentially buying long-term care insurance, you can preserve your assets and the legacy you plan to leave behind for your loved ones.