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6 disability compensation requirements

As a disabled veteran, you are interested in learning as much as you can about your rights to compensation. You have never looked into this before, so you're not sure what steps to take.

Most government processes require a strict adherence to the established regulations, and this is certainly one of them. It's very important to know how to proceed. Below are six important VA requirements.

  1. You are currently dealing with a disability. It can be either mental or physical.
  2. When you were serving, you caught a disease, suffered an injury or aggravated a disease or injury you already had because of an event that occurred.
  3. The disability you suffer from is directly linked to what happened to you in the service.
  4. You can provide your separation or discharge papers. These may be the DD-214 forms, or they may be an equivalent form.
  5. You can provide records of the treatment you got in the service, along with statements supporting those records.
  6. You can provide any hospital records or records from your private medical provider.

Essentially, they just want to see that you honestly are disabled and that you suffer from that disability because you were in the service. The medical records both from the initial injury and from future treatment for your disability can help to prove that this really is the case.

Remember, this process can be fairly long. It may feel like the government is ignoring you or dragging its collective feet. It is absolutely important that you understand your rights and what steps to take to seek the benefits you deserve.

Source: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, "Disability Compensation," accessed April 12, 2018

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