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June 2018 Archives

What is a Medicaid spend-down?

If you are a mature Texas resident, or if your parents are getting on in years, you may be concerned about what will happen if you or they eventually need nursing home or other long-term care. Even if you and/or your parents are relatively well-to-do financially, few people can afford the extraordinary costs of long-term care and must rely on Medicaid to pay these costs. Unfortunately, you must meet strict financial requirements to obtain Medicaid benefits. However, contrary to popular belief, you need not go broke in order to qualify

Is a special needs trust better than an inheritance?

You are going to leave money behind to an individual with disabilities that prevent that person from working, and you are trying to figure out the best way to do it. Should you leave that person a direct inheritance or should you set up a special needs trust?

How does life expectancy in America compare to other countries?

One thing you want to think about when doing long-term care planning is your life expectancy. Of course, things like accidents and disease can cause anyone to pass away well before this age, but it still gives you a reasonable figure when planning financially for a realistic future.