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For a loved one with a disability, are there good alternatives to guardianship?

When you have a minor or an adult child with serious disabilities, a guardianship is one way to help ensure that your child receives appropriate care after you are gone. However, if setting up a guardianship sounds too complicated or costly, there are some alternatives that may interest you.

Studies show that communication is lacking with estate planning

You're doing your estate planning, deciding how you're going to pass your assets on to your children. You're picking roles for them, such as naming one the executor of the estate, and deciding what you think is best for their lives moving forward.

Is it time to discuss powers of attorney with your parents?

Maybe this is your aging parents' situation: for all of their married life, your father has taken care of their financial affairs, from managing investments to paying the household bills. But your dad now has some minor health problems, and little warning bells have gone off in your mind.