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When is guardianship essential (or not essential) for an elderly loved one?

Many senior citizens in the United States rely on a legal guardian. There are two primary types of guardians. There are those who have guardianship of the person, which means the guardian is responsible for overseeing daily activities, health care and financial decisions. There are also estate guardians who predominantly oversee any property and high-value assets the individual owns. 

3 things to know about the VA Aid and Attendance benefit

Many veterans and their families are aware that there are benefits available to them; however, there are some benefits that are more well-known than others. One of the lesser-known benefits is the Aid and Attendance benefit, sometimes called A&A.

Key facts about assisted living facilities for veterans

Elderly veterans who need aid may be able to apply to live in special assisted living facilities. They can rent out entire apartments or rooms in these complexes, and they also have some shared spaces. For instance, while some may have small kitchens in their rooms, others will use a shared dining area.

Important financial benefits available to elderly veterans

If your parent is suffering from dementia -- or you know an elderly person who is -- you might relate to the story that follows. A woman started looking for an assisted living facility for her mother, who was in an advanced state of dementia. Later, she discovered that her mother qualified for Veterans Administration (VA) benefits. The VA benefits were a great boon that could help pay for her mother's care.

Be sure you understand the full ramifications of guardianship

Guardianship can be incredibly beneficial for someone who is aging and needs help with critical components of his or her life. Aging has a different impact on everyone, and it can come with both physical and cognitive drawbacks. The guardian helps the person -- called a ward in Texas -- live a healthy, happy life despite these potential issues.

Can I protect my assets and still qualify for Medicaid?

As you lay the foundation for your elder care and prepare to leave your estate to beneficiaries, it is important to create a plan that works with Medicaid and other elder care subsidy benefits. These benefits vary from state to state, but in most cases, they are an essential part of how aging individuals stay healthy without completely exhausting their resources.